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"Because when it comes to ending Electronic Torture in America, time is running out for millions of Targeted Individuals while the truth has never been more wicked... or harder to find."

From: Electric Angel
To: Targeted Individuals
Re: The End of Electronic Harassment in the 21st Century

Hello Targeted Individual

Thank you for visiting my web site and congratulations on choosing Free-Targeted-Individuals.com. If you are looking for solutions to Electronic Harassment, you've come to the right place. My name is Electric Angel, and I am a Targeted Individual since 2008. I am also the author of The 7 Keys to V2k and The Truth Will Set You Free, published in 2011, the first and second books in the Targeted Individual trilogy written in the interest of liberating victims from their perpetrators. Today I am pleased to present, after a hiatus of five years, the final book in my trilogy series.



spinning bullet The most explosive and progressive book on the subject of V2k mind-control ever written.
spinning bullet The truth about Electronic Harassment revealed with no regard for perpetrator welfare whatsoever.
spinning bullet The gripping, true story of V2k, told for the very first time in historical and contemporary detail.
spinning bullet The nature of Targeted Individuals and how they came to be subjected to Electronic Harassment.
spinning bullet The mystery of paranormal activity associated to V2k mind-control exposed and explained.
spinning bullet The very nature of Voice-to-Skull and the meaning of the word "Radiohead" in the book's title.
spinning bullet The Grid Exit Method; part 2 of the powerful anti-mind-control program written by Electric Angel.

The Radiohead Protocol

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First there was The 7 Keys to V2k, which deals with the patent series responsible for V2k. Then came The Truth Will Set You Free, which looks more closely at the perpetrators' capabilities. It also contains the Grid Exit Method part one, the first installment of the anti-mind-control program.

Now comes the turn of The Radiohead Protocol, the book that lifts the lid off the entire electronic mind-control industry. But just how important is this book to Targeted Individuals? In this day and age of disinformation, The Radiohead Protocol is the most important book to emerge in the 21st Century.

It takes the reader on a journey to the past to witness the very creation of V2k by the inventor of electromagnetic mind-control. Far from being nameless, the inventor was a founding father of the New Age movement and a member of the Military Industrial Complex.

He had a special interest in looking inside other people's minds, a notion he persued from the very beginning of his career, which lead to the invention of V2k and mind-reading, his life work.The invention went on to be tabled as a major mind-control program of the US government.

The book then brings readers back to the present, where perpetrators currently use the very same mind-control program, created so long ago, to ruthlessly torture and harass victims in their own homes.

At 140-pages plus, The Radiohead Protocol promises to be the most uncompromising book ever written on the subject of 21st Century mind-control, and the only information that stands between mind-control victims and complete world domination by a growing army of aggressive perpetrators.

"I hear voices in my head but there is
no one there..."

So let's take a look at just some of the highlights from The Radiohead Protocol:

The name of the original mind-controller. Already revealed in The 7 Keys to V2k, the life story of the inventor of V2k now comes alive in rich detail, in a world-changing unauthorized biography.

The name of the registered mind-control program. V2k mind-control has an electromagnetic mind-control program associated to it. Tageted Individuals have the right to know it all.

A look at the first V2k mind-control victims. V2k victims have been around longer than current Targeted Individuals realize. Read their earliest stories here and feel the anger rising...

A-list celebrities who starred in V2k mind-control. The inventor liked to rub shoulders with the social elite. Read about the celebrities - some of them early TIs - who moved in and out of his circle.

The role of the supernatural in V2k. The inventor of V2k was fascinated with the paranormal and incorporated it into his invention, subjecting TIs, to this day, to unexplained phenomena.

The active role of the US government in V2k. And last but not least, read how the invention was bankrolled by agencies of the US government who now deny the existence of Targeted Individuals.

"The end of Electronic Harassment as we know it in the 21st Century..."

But ending Electronic Harassment cannot be done without you, the Targeted Individual. Let's take a look at what benefits The Radiohead Protocol has for victims:

The Radiohead Protocol is an anti-mind-control product. V2k mind-control victims benefit psychologically from finally understanding mind-control. It's called a better quality of life.

The Role of Gangstalkers in Electronic Harassment. Learn the nature of community stalkers, synchronicities and Street Theatre as a means of covert harassment.

A closer look at those harassing Airplanes. When Targeted Individuals claim to be harassed by airplanes, nobody believes them. Yet the inventor had a special interest in planes and pilots.

The Schizophrenia label of Targeted Individuals. Voice-hearing V2k victims are labelled as schizophrenics, but there is a well-documented historic reason for this. Find out what it is here.

The nature of alien encounters in V2k. During V2k, a number of counterfeit beings emerge, such as aliens, demons, gods and Archangels. Read how the inventor spoke about this concept.

A diabolical affliction called Mind-reading. Mind-reading is one of the most hated parts of being a Targeted Individual. Learn how the inventor incorporated it into his invention and users' experiences.

The Grid Exit Method. Part two of Electric Angel's anti-mind-control program, and introducing the one item that no Targeted Individual should be without because it interferes with perpetrator signals.

Electric Angel

Electric Angel is an ex-journalist and Targeted Individual since 2008. She is also a businesswoman and author of three books on the topic of mind-control, a humanitarian, philosopher and inventor. Since 2010 she has been at war with perpetrators to end Electronic Harassment in her own life and, through her books, the lives of others. She is committed to ending the scourge of V2k mind-control as a form of interpersonal terrorism and torture in a world where electronic mind-control is not only a reality, but a daily nightmare for hundreds of thousand, perhaps millions, of people all over the world.


spinning bullet "Thanks to The Grid Exit Method I can eat breakfast now without constantly sneezing... Thank you Electric Angel for giving me a more normal life."
spinning bullet "Reading Electric Angel's books is like following a General into battle. I'm a soldier now."
spinning bullet "My targeting has definitely declined. Thank you Electric Angel for sharing."
spinning bullet "I had no idea that this is what Electronic Harassment is all about. Wish I'd known years ago."
spinning bullet "Since reading The Truth Will Set You Free, I've been getting notes under my door from the perps, trying to stop me doing The Grid Exit Method."
spinning bullet "I used to be so depressed all the time, because there was no hope. I now feel hope for the first time."
spinning bullet "Electric Angel's books are a real eye-opener. How could we as Targeted Individuals get it so wrong...?"

The Radiohead Protocol

Thank you for taking the time to read my web page. I'd like to wish you every happiness and success for the future, but we all know that there is no future worth a damn if the targeting doesn't stop. To this end, I GUARANTEE that there's never been a more authentic book on ending Electronic Harassment ever written. It has taken me eight years of research and a full year of writing under harrowing circum-stances to bring this book to Targeted Individuals. Now it's all up to you... Good luck and God bless.

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